How to migrate from VechainThor mobile wallet to VeWorld

Modified on Tue, 05 Dec 2023 at 07:42 PM

On the 31st of December 2023, we will place the VechainThor mobile wallet in storage-only mode as we begin the process of migrating the community to VeWorld en masse. 

Importantly, keystore extraction remains available after the VechainThor wallet enters storage-only mode — your assets are not at risk.

To minimise disruption, we have prepared a guide to help users with the process. Read on for more!

Importing Addresses to VeWorld — A Step By Step Guide

Crypto wallets, in their most simple sense, are an interface that allows a user to interact with digital assets stored on the underlying blockchain. These interactions are enabled via the private key associated with a given address. This private key can be represented in multiple forms — the most commonly used are a seed phrase or a keystore file.

To be able to manage assets via a different wallet, users ‘import’ their addresses using the private key. This then gives them full control over the digital assets associated with an existing address.

The process is simple, and only takes a few minutes to complete. Importantly, users do NOT have to send or transfer any digital assets — your tokens remain in the same address on the blockchain. Once a private key is imported, users have access to all assets as before.

Below, we detail the necessary steps to import your addresses to VeWorld wallets using either a seed phrase, the keystore file or a Ledger device.

Seed Phrase Import

The seed phrase is a set of 12 words, generated the first time a wallet is created. Once created, users are asked to write them down, inputting them into the wallet to verify them before deletion. The seed phrase is only shown once, thus, it is important it is kept secure.

To import an address via seed phrase, write the 12 word phrase into the ‘import wallet’ tab of the VeWorld wallet. Please note: All words should be lowercase, with a single space separating each word.

Video instructions:

KeyStore Import

The Keystore is a password encrypted exportable file that contains the private key of a given address. It uses the same password set by the user at the time of wallet creation.

Following a recent update to VeWorld, users can now import keystore files directly from the VechainThor wallet (and others). The process is simple — select ‘export keystore’ in VechainThor, input your password, copy the file and paste it into the ‘import wallet’ tab on VeWorld, inputting your password once more to decrypt the key.

See below for a video guide on how to complete the process:

Video instructions:

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