How to recover VET sent to an Ethereum address

Modified on Sat, 27 Jan 2024 at 11:57 AM

In this guide, I will show you how to recover Vechain (VET) sent to an Ethereum address.

Vechain has its own blockchain and to be able to send and receive VET, VTHO or any of the coins on the Vechain network, you need to transfer them using the Vechain blockchain to a wallet that supports the Vechain network.

If you have made the mistake of sending VET tokens to an Ethereum wallet, your coins will not arrive and you will need to follow this guide to regain access to your coins.

Most people reading this guide will have tried to send VET to Metamask, unfortunately, Metamask does not support Vechain, but don’t worry, we got you! Please see the steps below to recover access to your funds

Please use these instructions at your own risk. If anything goes wrong, you might permanently lose your coins.

Please be very careful with your 12-word secret recovery phrase and private keys, because they control access to your funds. Never share them with anyone, and only import them into platforms that you trust 100%. If you choose to import your 12-word phrase or private keys into a third-party platform, you do so at your own risk.

Recovery Guide

Did you send your VET tokens to your Ethereum address? This guide will help you retrieve them.

Step 1: Verify that you sent your tokens with the VechainThor network

Double-check that you've sent your VET tokens by using the VechainThor network. You can easily check that by using Copy the address you've sent your VET to. Paste the address in the search box on the VechainStats website and hit enter.

If your tokens are on the VechainThor network, then both the token and the transaction should be visible right now.

Step 2: Download the official Sync2 wallet

Sync2 is, at the moment of writing, the only vechain wallet that supports a custom derivation path. Download Sync2 on your preferred operating system.

Always double check that you download the wallet app from a trusted source!

After downloading the Sync2 wallet, continue to Step 3.

Step 3: Import your wallet with your seed phrase

Open Sync2 on your mobile device or computer and choose the 'import' wallet option.

  1. Enter the 12 words (seed phrase) that belong to your Ethereum address
  2. Click on Advance
  3. Select the Ethereum option
  4. Click on OK

And that's it! You imported your Ethereum wallet address on the VechainThor network. You should see your tokens in your wallet.

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