How to close your vechain account

Modified on Sun, 17 Dec 2023 at 03:47 PM

Your coins are stored on an address on the blockchain, everything that happens on that address is permanently stored on the blockchain, meaning there is no way to delete or undo this data.

This also results in a situation where it is not possible to "close an account".

If you want to stop using your Vechain wallet, here the steps you can take:

Step 1: Sell coins

If there are any funds in the address you want to close, consider transferring them to another address within the same wallet or to a different wallet. This can typically be done by initiating a cryptocurrency transaction from the wallet's interface. If you want to cash out your tokens to fiat (dollars, euro's) you can do so using various crypto exchanges.

An overview of exchanges on which you can sell our tokens can be found here:



Step 2: Backup Wallet

Before making any significant changes, ensure you have a backup of your entire wallet. This backup should include all private keys and recovery phrases associated with your addresses. This precaution is essential to prevent accidental loss of funds. This will also allow you to gain access to your wallet in the future. Without storing your seed phrase, there is no way to ever regain access to your wallet.

Step 3: Delete your wallet

After you have sold your assets and made a backup of your wallet, it is safe to delete your wallet application from your computer or mobile phone.

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